Everything To Know About New Project Liv @ MB

The world is always witnessing new changes and evolution. Even with so many things and discoveries that have changed people’s lifestyle, one cannot deny that it never seems to be enough. Innovation is a concept that is never static. It means that everything keeps evolving and one is never fully advanced no matter how many advancements take place. People in the ancient age felt that lifting fire with stones and covering their body with leaves was enough but as evolution took place, people started becoming more civilised and advanced. Buildings were built, ruling kingdoms were formed, and more. Nonetheless, advancement did not stop here.

Eventually, in the modern world, things like telephone, radio, television, electricity, computer, and more started coming into existence. In the postmodern era, things took a turn and evolved furthermore with the inventions of cell phones, the internet, social media, and more. Such is the arrival of the new project of Liv @ MB which is an example of the fact that the world never stops evolving and advancing.

The world has so much beauty to offer in the form of natural things as well as man made things. There are so many beautiful places that you may not have visited on earth and there may be places that have not been discovered yet. Nevertheless, it does not mean that new beautiful places of wonder and amazement are not welcome. Former Katong Park Towers are undergoing a renovation and it is sure to become your next dream destination.

Features of Liv @ MB

There are many reasons as to why you should plan your next trip to Liv @ MB some of which are as follows:-

  • You can enjoy a short walk of nine minutes and stroll along the huge, beautiful, and scenic East Coast Park.
  • You can enjoy Singapore’s most beautiful and delightful residential areas and surely have the time of your life.
  • You can have a relaxing time here as you can do many activities apart from walking and you can take a break.

Next time you are planning a trip, you know where to go.