The dazzling bright yellow sunflowers

bright yellow sunflowers

Sunflower is a dazzling bright yellow herbaceous plant of the aster family. They act as a great source of vitamin E which is an antioxidant and helps us to keep a good immune system. They are beautiful and elegant flowers that cheer up someone’s mind or mood. They bring positivity to the leaf because of their large yellow blooms. They help to enhance one’s mood. The sunflowers are commonly found in gardens and valleys.The sunflowers need drained soil and full enriched sun to grow to their maximum height and they should always be protected from the birds.


Usages of sunflowers:

  • They help to make a better and healthier vegetable cooking oil. It is highly recognized and used worldwide. It is considered a very healthy oil because of the low saturated fats present in it. It is a lighter and healthier oil and acts as an alternative to regular cooking oils. It is a useful alternative and is better for our health.
  • The seeds of sunflowers are healthy to treat as a snack. The seeds are edible and highly nutritious. This snack acts as part of a balanced diet. These seeds have many health benefits and add a great dimension to our diet.
  • They act as a blooming beautiful plant. It has an amazing display with yellow textures. The combination of these flowers makes a stunning view altogether.

There are various giant sunflowers grown around the world by many people. The sunflower is made up of smaller flowers inside. They are a great way to brighten up someone’s garden or field. The flower consists of thousands of tiny small florets packed together. The sunflower has rapid growth and a very easy cultivation technique. The seeds of sunflower are very rich in protein and are served as a very popular snack all around the world. The sunflower faces the sun all time of the day. The sunflower is very attractive and is widely used in the cooking industry. Sunflowers are also seen as a symbol of good luck and loyalty.

Characteristics of the sunflower:

  • The sunflower is the only flower in the world that has the word ‘flower’ in its name.
  • There are many varieties of sunflowers present around the world.
  • Sunflowers are used to attract bees.
  • The sunflower is not only used as a flower but is also used by humans in the form of cooking oil.
  • They are also used to take care of skin in humans.
  • They act as a multipurpose plant.