The Rise of Metal Business Cards

Embracing and being open to change is one of the best ways to ensure that you are constantly moving forward and making progress. Clinging to old ways because “that is how things used to be” will not get you anywhere and will only stagnate you. Keeping up with these changing trends is important, especially if you are working full-time. Business cards have largely stayed the same for the longest time, however, things are slowly beginning to change, and this is because of the introduction of metal business cards. We will be talking about what makes them stand out in more detail below, and if you are interested, you should check out Black Metal Kards for potential design options.

  • Metal business cards are heavier than standard paper-printed cards. We tend to associate metals and a generally heavier feeling as more expensive. This means that people will automatically end up developing a positive association because of your choice of business card.
  • The text in a metal business card is either stamped on or etched inside the card itself. This means the text will not bleed out or get affected.
  • In terms of durability, metal business cards are very durable compared to paper business cards. They are not affected by the elements, they will not get damaged easily, and they will generally last a lot longer than paper business cards.
  • Metal business cards have a more unique look and finish compared to a paper business card, and this uniqueness does tend to make them stand out. So, people are more likely to remember you because your business card stands out to them.
  • Metal business cards are generally considered to be more eco-friendly compared to paper business cards. This is because fewer natural resources are used, and a lot of companies make their metal cards with recycled metal.